Fresh SweeTango Apples


The SweeTango® apple is the successor to the popular Honeycrisp apple variety and was first introduced to the marketplace in September 2009. SweeTango is part Honeycrisp, part Zestar and was developed by researchers at the University of Minnesota.

SweeTango apples are brought to market by NextBigThing, a grower's cooperative which Stemilt is a member of. Stemilt has the rights to grow and market SweeTango apples in the western United States.


How To Use SweeTango Apples


Snacking, salads, and baking

When Can I Find SweeTango Apples


SweeTango apples are available from late August through November. Stemilt’s SweeTango’s go to stores in the western U.S., but the apple is available nationwide and in Canada.


Exterior: A blush apple with deep red coloration over a yellow breaking background
Interior: Creamy white
Eating Experience: Juicy and sweet with hints of fall spices and vibrant acidity. Crisp and snappy like Honeycrisp apples

Look For The Ladybug

Stemilt also grows SweeTango apples organically under the Artisan Organics label.

SWEETANGO Apple Fun Facts

  • Minneiska is the cultivar name for SweeTango apples.
  • The name SweeTango was given to the apple because of its equally sweet and tangy flavor.
  • Honeycrisp is the mother of SweeTango, while Zestar is the father. The father apple acts as a pollinator when researchers cross the two apples.
  • SweeTango is a social apple. Like them on Facebook and follow the apple on Twitter.
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