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Skylar Rae Cherries

Meet Skylar Rae® brand Tip Top cherries, the sweetest cherry you’ll ever eat. The Toftness family discovered a new cherry variety growing by chance on a tree at their Tip Top Orchards in Wenatchee, WA back in 2004. A rarity in nature, this chance variety with unknown parentage produced a beautiful bi-colored cherry with incredible firmness and high sugars.

This discovery came shortly after the family had suffered the unimaginable loss of their infant daughter, Skylar Rae Toftness. When it came time to trademark a name for this special cherry, everyone blurted out “Skylar Rae,” knowing it was the perfect way to carry on her namesake.

Special Cherry, Special Story


Beyond the super sweet flavor and crisp bite found in every Skylar Rae® cherry is the memory of the beloved daughter of Kim and Troy Toftness. The Toftness family is in their second decade of farming cherries at Tip Top Orchards, located in Halverson Canyon near Wenatchee, WA.

In 2004, shortly after the death of Skylar Rae, her Grandpa Jack Toftness was working in the family orchard one rainy day and looked up to the sky with tears in his eyes to see a beautiful rainbow come down over the hill. The rainbow was a source of healing for him, and now every time the family sees a rainbow, they know it's Skylar Rae smiling down at them.

A little while later, Troy Toftness discovered a tree growing a different looking cherry in their orchard. The fruit it produced had unique genetics and was unlike anything anyone had ever tasted before. It was a beautiful bi-colored cherry with incredibly high sugars and firmness.

Usually, new cherry varieties found in nature are not viable for commercial production, but this was no ordinary cherry. This cherry was a gift from nature that was meant to honor the beautiful Skylar Rae Toftness.

Today, Skylar Rae® cherries are grown and marketed by Stemilt and available for a short time each summer. From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy this sweet, crisp, and healthy treat from nature!


Exterior: Golden yellow background with a partial to full orange-red blush
Interior: Very firm and smooth flesh that is nearly colorless
Experience: Very sweet and exceptionally crisp. With high sugars ranging from 23° to 25° Brix, Skylar Rae® is the sweetest cherry you’ll ever eat.

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Look for specially marked packs of Skylar Rae® cherries on bags, clamshells, and boxes in your grocery store from mid-June to late July. You’ll also spot the Stemilt ladybug on the packages.


How To Use Skylar Rae Cherries

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How To Use Skylar Rae Cherries

Enjoy the super-sweet Skylar Rae® cherries as a fresh snack, in salads, or as a garnish for summertime drinks.

When Can I Find Skylar Rae Cherries

This special cherry is in season for a very limited time. Look for our Washington-grown Skylar Rae® cherries in stores from mid-June to late July each year.

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Skylar Rae Cherry FUN Facts

  • The parentage of Skylar Rae® is unknown. Both Rainier and Sweetheart cherries were growing nearby.
  • Tip Top is the patented name for the tree that produce Skylar Rae® cherries. Tip Top comes from the name of the orchard where it was discovered.
  • Stemilt has the rights to grow and market Skylar Rae® cherries in North America.
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