5 Tools for Cutting Apples


Food presentation is an artform. The rise of sharing what we’re eating on social media is a hobby for many, while others make food and presenting food their full-time job. Food art is impressive but can seem daunting for a rookie like me to take on. Fortunately, there are many kitchen tools available today to help us create food that looks as good as it tastes. Bringing art to your plate via our crisp and juicy   is easy thanks to the handy tools available to cut the fruit. Let’s dive into how to cut apples, and my 5 favorite tools for cutting them (plus ideas for using each one).

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5 Tools for Cutting Apples

    1. Apple Slicer: This is an obvious cutting tool for apples and a go-to at Stemilt. We use an apple slicer whenever we are tasting a new apple variety for the first time. We take it with us on planes (checked luggage only) so that we can share a sample of an apple whenever the opportunity arises. And of course, we use an apple slicer to help us craft recipes and how to posts. Our favorite apple slicer is the Prepworks Thin Apple Slicer because it includes a handy safety cover that helps pop the apples out of the slicer (saving your hands from getting sticky in the slicing process).
    2. Knife: Another obvious tool for cutting apples is a knife. Everyone has a knife on hand in their kitchen (or if you don’t, tell me your ways). A knife allows you to slice, dice, or cube apples in no time, and the only extra you need to do this successfully is a cutting board. I love using a small paring knife when cutting apples, especially if they are for my kids as I can slice them much smaller. I also cube apples with a knife to add on top of oatmeal, or stash into the blender to make a smoothie.
    3. Mandolin: If you want to take your food presentation skills up a notch, then treat yourself with a mandolin. I adopted a mandolin to create a beautiful sweet potato dish for Thanksgiving one year, but also love bringing it out for cutting apples. A mandolin lets you cut apples into different widths or with crimped edges. It’s great for making the base of an apple sandwich and can also dress up any snack plate.

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Learn 6 different ways to slice apples in this how to video.

    1. Spiralizer: A spiralizer isn’t just for zucchini noodles (zoodles), it’s also a great cutting tool for apples. You’ll probably need to use a knife to cut the apple into smaller segments before putting the fruit through the spiralizer. Apple spirals are a fun for adding onto a salad, or you can even bake them with cinnamon for a fun apple chip to snack on.
    2. Cookie Cutters: We don’t immediately think of cookie cutters as a tool to cut fruits or veggies, but they are such a fun way to dress up a dessert, or get kids involved and eating new foods. Cutting apples into stars, hearts, or even letters is tedious but a fun surprise to include their school lunch for special occasions.

Do you have other kitchen tools for cutting apples? How do you like to cut apple slices? We’d love to hear what you use so please share in the comments below!