7 Cherry Recipes We Make Year After Year


It’s cherry season, so naturally we need to round up our favorite cherry recipes to share with you! While most of us eat cherries by the handful, its always nice to have a collection of cherry recipes in case we feel like baking or cooking with these delicious summer gems, right?

Whenever we do decide to bake or cook with cherries, we like to stick to the dark-sweet varieties. Dark-sweet cherry varieties hold up better against heated applications due to the overall structure of the cherries. Dark-sweet varieties aren’t as sensitive to bruising like yellow varieties are. Yellow varieties, like Rainier or Skylar Rae® cherries, while taste delicious, don’t hold up against heat as their structure is much more delicate, making them more prone to breakdown.

However, it doesn’t mean you can’t include yellow varieties in fresh application dishes! Check out suggestions of dark-sweet and yellow varieties below and let us know what your favorite cherry recipes are in the comments below:

Cherry Berry Meringues – These delicious Cherry Berry Meringues go right on theme for the upcoming holiday! While not your typical cherry dessert, they offer a nice twist on a sweet treat while still highlight summer’s best flavors: cherries and blueberries! Plus, this dessert is very easy to pack up and take with you wherever you go!

Four Ingredient Dump Cake – I love dump cake recipes. What better way to make a cake than dump it into a bowl, mix and throw it into the oven? This recipe only requires four ingredients and 10 minutes of your time. Yup, that’s it. And after 45 minutes in the oven, you have a delicious cake to devour.

Cherry Chip Cake – If you want a cake that requires a little more attention to detail, then you better check out this Cherry Chip Cake recipe. Not only does it feature some delicious World Famous dark-sweet cherries, it also has chocolate! A natural match made in heaven. Plus, the cake is a fluffy vanilla cake that is topped with a tangy cream cheese frosting… Yeah, we know you are going to get hooked to this one.

Want to sweeten up your summer? Check out these videos to learn how to make the ultimate cherry pie!

No Bake Cherry Bliss Balls – Summertime is naturally more busy than other months. With more light in the day, it only makes sense we fill the day with activity! To power you through, these No Bake Cherry Bliss Balls make the perfect go-to snack. They are healthy, yet tasty and feature one summer’s most delicious fruits. They store really well so you can have one when you are on the go!

Gluten-Free Cherry Oat Bars – Do you or a family member have a gluten allergy? Have no fear, these Gluten-Free Cherry Oat Bars are here, and might we add, SO TASTY. They last for quite some time, so you can whip up a batch and have it for the week. Enjoy with your morning cup of coffee or add it onto your kiddo’s lunch or afternoon snack! They are tasty that you won’t keep a batch around for very long.

Cherry Tabbouleh – Have you heard or had Tabbouleh before? Adding cherries to this Middle Eastern inspired dish is the twist you need this summer. This cherry version of Tabbouleh features quinoa, fresh cherries, cucumber, red onion, lots of basil and a citrus vinaigrette and it is exactly what you need if you are searching for a refreshing summer salad.

Peach Iced Tea with Roasted Cherries – Isn’t iced tea so refreshing during hot summer days? This iced tea recipe features two of our favorite summer produce picks: peaches and cherries! With only four ingredients required, you can make up a batch of this refreshing iced tea in no time flat. You don’t even need to pit cherries (we love that).