The Best Fourth of July Recipes


If cherries aren’t part of your favorite Fourth of July recipes, then we can’t be friends (lol)! All kidding aside, cherries are a quintessential fruit when it comes to Independence Day. Not only does the cherry tree depict the importance of honesty thanks to the legendary story of our nation’s first president, George Washington, cutting down a cherry tree as a child (a story that was actually a myth), but cherries are also the festive red color on the United States flag. Most importantly, cherries should be devoured on July 4th because they are in peak season from Stemilt in Washington State during this summertime holiday!

Here at Stemilt, Independence Day is a busy time where our crews will be harvesting, packing and shipping cherries out to grocery stores. Of course, we will also find some time to enjoy food and family, because that’s what holidays are truly about.

As you try to settle on what to eat for Fourth of July, I wanted to share a few of my favorite cherry-inspired recipes with you. This list includes appetizers, a few desserts, and even a kid-friendly recipe so that you can put your summertime helpers to work. Whichever you choose, all your friends at Stemilt hope you have a CHERRY good Fourth of July!

The Recipes

Sweet Cherry Vanilla Cake with Firework Frosting: I know we all have opinions about using the word moist, but that’s simply the best way to describe this festive cake. The firework frosting is actually a red, white and blue swirl treatment that you’ll give to the cake once it cools. This is the dessert recipe to make if you’re feeding a crowd!

Cherry Berry Meringues: This is for the home-chef that’s up for a challenge! Meringue can be tricky to maneuver, but with a little patience it can turn out right, and when that happens, it’s SO worth the effort. Cherries add the pop of red to this dish, while blueberries do their blue thing.

Red, White & Blue Cherry Bites: Looking for simplicity? This is the red, white and blue recipe for you. It’s so festive and fun and would make a great activity for older kids to help create. The best part is you only need FOUR ingredients!

Cherry Watermelon & Basil Spritzer: Though it may not have the all-American colors like the other recipes I’ve featured here, this one is great for July 4th celebrations. Cherries and watermelon are two popular summertime fruits and this non-alcoholic spritzer is the perfect refreshment to enjoy during the heat of the day.

Cherry, Sausage & Goat Cheese Bites: Every Fourth of July needs an appetizer to get the festivities started, and this one is a crowd pleaser. You could make this recipe your own by choosing your favorite meat to grill, or even go plant-based by using a meat substitute and vegan cheese. You can’t go wrong with a bite of anything that has cherry with it.