Super Quick & Easy Recipes for the Big Game


I’m a huge football fan, and although my favorite team (#GoHawks) fell short of the championship this year, I’m still excited about watching the Big Game this weekend. Perhaps more than that, I’m excited for all the food I get to snack on during halftime! In our house, we try to stay pretty traditional when it comes to game-day snacks. Artichoke dip, check. Hot wings, check. Chips and guacamole, check, check. Yet, it’s also important to incorporate some healthy snacks into the mix, and that’s where Stemilt apples and pears come in.

Here are 7 quick and easy recipes inspired by fresh fruit and ready for you to whip up for the Big Game:

  1. Fruit Salsa: Our Granny Smith apples are the star of this fruit-forward salsa, which is a great topper on fish tacos or delicious with classic tortilla chips.
  2. Apple Wontons: This recipe might seem complex, but it actually comes together in less than 35 minutes! The wonton is fried, but the addition of apples and kale help balance this appetizer out.
  3. Pear & Prosciutto Pizza: This sweet and savory artisan pizza is great for serving to a crowd. You can keep prep time down on this recipe by using store-bought dough if you wish! For a pizza sans the meat, give this Pear Pizzette a try.
  4. Build a Charcuterie Board: I’m definitely building a charcuterie board for our game day spread this weekend. Fruit, cheese, and crackers is my go-to appetizer (and coincidentally the one I find myself going back to again and again). This post from our Kitchen Council blogger Jennifer shares how to build a beautiful and tasty charcuterie board in no time at all.
  5. Apple Footballs: During one of my recent Pinterest browsing sessions, I found these apple footballs that would be perfect for the Big Game. Watch the tutorial from Wilton before you take on making these festive candy apples.
  6. Apple Nachos: Need I say more? This recipe from Sally of our Kitchen Council definitely falls under the dessert category, but can be made a bit lighter by utilizing more dried fruits than chocolate chips. Either way, you can’t go wrong and kids will devour this plate!
  7. Sweet, Savory or Spicy: Choose your flavor preference and then use your favorite in-season apple to make one of these 3 snack ideas originally inspired by SweeTango® apples. Since SweeTango® isn’t in season, I would highly recommend our Piñata® apple for any of these less-than-5-minute snacks.

Whether you are making a big meal or snacking on lots of things like me, we hope you find a fun new way to incorporate Stemilt apples or pears in your game-day lineup. If you do, be sure to tell us about it in the comments section below!