Easy Apple Favors for Halloween Parties


With Halloween just around the corner, Sally from our Kitchen Council is sharing two creative Halloween party favors that don’t involve a sugar rush. 

There’s certainly no shortage of sweets on Halloween. My kids each score a huge haul of candy for trick-or-treating, some of which they devour that night—and much of which kicks around in a kitchen cabinet for months to come.

As a dietitian, I firmly believe in balance. So when you see a major sugar bender on the horizon like trick-or-treating, why not put some reasonable limits on other treats and goodies? That’s why I like keeping Halloween party food on the healthy side.

Here are two fun ideas that partygoers big and small will love but that don’t involve extra sugar. In fact, all the sweetness they have is the natural kind! These Halloween apple favors are also really inexpensive—besides apples, you only need a few low-cost supplies you can pick up at the craft store and drug store. Plus, they’re simple enough that your kids can help create them too.

Here’s what you need:


  • Stemilt apples (Granny Smith for the Monster Apples plus any variety for the Mummies—we love SweeTango® and Piñata®)
  • Cellophane bags & twist-ties
  • Rubber cement
  • Permanent marker
  • Small tube of decorator frosting
  • Googly eyes
  • Gauze

Here’s how to make them:

Mummy Apples: Wash apples. Trim gauze into 1-inch wide strips and wind around apple, tucking the ends in the back and leaving room for two eyeballs. Place a dot a frosting on the back of each googly eye and place on apple. Allow to dry. (Make sure kids know to take off the eyeballs before eating the apple—or get a pack of edible eyeballs at the craft store!)


Monster Apples: Wash apples. Secure googly eyes onto cellophane bags with rubber cement and draw faces onto bags with a permanent marker. Allow to dry. Place a Granny Smith apple into each bag and close with a twist-tie.


I hope your little hobgoblins enjoy these fun apple favors. I plan to make a batch for my son’s third grade class Halloween party—I think they’ll get a huge kick out of them!

Happy Halloween!