How to Eat Seasonally: Spring


Apples and pears in fruit bowls and square boxes on a concrete counter top
Apples and Pears in box displays on the counter top

If you’re anything like me, eating seasonally is a new concept to you and has piqued your curiosity. In this blog post, we’re going to talk about what eating seasonally in spring means and why it’s important, how you can eat in sync with the changing seasons, and what fruits and veggies will be the freshest in April, May, and June.

Let’s answer the biggest question in the room: What does it mean to eat seasonally?

If you think about it, you’re simply eating foods that are in season. Seasonal food is considered produce that is purchased and consumed shortly after it is harvested. Season fruits and veggies are going to be fresher, tastier, and more nutrient rich than produce that is out of season. We’ve all been there picking out strawberries at the grocery store in the middle of winter, and you may have noticed they just don’t taste the same as they do in June.

Why should I eat seasonally?

Blossoms with bees pollinating the opening buds.
Blooms with bees

I’m glad you asked. Seasonal fruits and veggies taste better! Since seasonal produce requires less long-distance transportation, you’re buying fruit that has recently been harvested and is picked at the peak of its ripeness. When fruits and veggies have to travel long distance, harvesters have to pick the fruit before it is fully ripe in efforts to improve its shelf life at retail stores. Produce that has more time to ripen on its parent plant will also contain more nutrients and will be exploding with flavor!

When you purchase from your local farmers, you’re keeping money flowing in your community and local economy. The money you spend on produce is more likely to be reinvested into the community and will help sustain your local businesses. Buying local can also create more meaningful purchases because you can talk directly to the grower and hear exactly how they grow, raise, and harvest their crops. This means more peace of mind for the shopper since they’ll know where their food came from.

I want to eat seasonally in spring! What fruits and veggies are in season in April, May, and June? There is plenty of Stemilt fruit that is in season throughout these three months: Apples, Pears, Stonefruit, and the seasonal fruit everyone is waiting for… Cherries!

Washing cherries, how to eat seasonally in spring

Cherries that will be in season include:
  • Dark Sweet cherries will be here from April to August!
  • Rainier cherries in June and July
  • Skylar rae® in June and July
  • Look for our 5 River Island Cherries® (from our California orchards) in May and June
Apples in season in April, May, and June:
  • Pinata®
  • Honeycrisp
  • Fuji
  • Pink Lady®
  • Gala
  • Golden Delicious
  • Granny Smith
  • Red Delicious
  • Cosmic Crisp® apples will be around for April, but its season will end at the end of the month.
slicing pearsPears in season in April, May, and June:
  • Red D’Anjou pears will wrap up its season in April, but green D’Anjou pears will be in season through the end of June.
For summer stone fruit and Artisan Organics®:
  • Apricots in June and July

What fruits can I pair with veggies in Spring?

Pairing seasonal fruits can be a fun way to add some color to your favorite meals and snacks! Here are some veggie pairing that go well with apples and pears:

peach and goat cheese salad, recipe great for eating seasonally

Try pairing-your-apples with these in-season veggies:

  • Arugula – May, June
  • Snap peas – May, June
  • Turnips – April, May, June
  • Carrots – June
  • Cucumbers – June
  • Cauliflower – June (We’re going to need some ranch over here!)

Try pairing-your-pears with these in-season veggies:

  • Asparagus – April, May, June
  • Lettuce – May, June
  • Green onions – April, May, June
  • Radishes – April, May, June
  • Rhubarb – April, May, June
  • Spinach – April, May, June (I feel a salad coming on…)

Spiralized Apple Salad 9Eating seasonally is important to consider because it helps sustain your local economy and you also get to pick your produce out at its freshest. You’ll reap the benefits of tastier fruits and veggies and receive the nutritional benefits of produce that is fully ripe and ready for the eating! Be sure to go to your local farmers market in the spring and remember these fruit and vegetable pairings next time you’re filling you shopping basket. Happy spring seasonal eating!