More than a Snack: Apple Cider, Vinaigrette and Vinegar


We asked our Crisp Collaborator Laura Scherb from @pageandplatestudio to help us showcase that apples are more than just a snack. This blog shares her elevated version of Apple Cider and its out of the box uses in a variety of recipes. Read on to discover how to move apples out of the “snack-only” category!

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Making Apple Cider

During the course of the last three years, both my parents and my brother and his wife have relocated to the countryside in Pennsylvania, where their yards are full of old apple orchards. Come fall, my brother and my dad have taken to making enormous batches of apple cider, which they store for the winter, and it’s become a family favorite.

Though I’m a city girl through and through, I still crave the tang of cider (and I love to cook with it too! More on that below.). Lucky for me, the Honeycrisp apples that Stemilt sent my way were the absolute perfect ingredient to use to whip up a batch of my own.

Next Generation of Apple Cider

Apple cider in a mason jar with bay leaves, and apples next to it.

When I was developing this recipe, I knew that I didn’t want it to be as sweet as the traditional apple cider. After all, that tang is what makes my mouth water! I also wanted to add some unexpected flavors — I think that apples and cinnamon is delicious, don’t get me wrong, but it’s been done just a few times before.

One of my favorite drinks I’ve ever had out was a tarragon and apple shrub. I loved the subtle herbaceous flavor that the tarragon added to the apple, so I decided to throw some tarragon as I was cooking. I also had some fresh bay leaves (one of life’s true joys!) in the fridge, so in they went as well. The result was a cider that had a simple sort of beauty: pure apple, lovely tang, and a fresh, earthy twist.

Cooking with Apple Cider

Apple cider vinaigrette on potatoes and a salad with apples.

This recipe isn’t your typical batch, but I must say, I think it’s especially perfect for one reason above all: it’s perfect for cooking! A big batch of apple cider usually overstays its welcome in my refrigerator, so I love finding creative ways to use it to cook. Besides making a delicious cocktail (just add sparkling water and a bit of whisky!), this recipe is amazing when served alongside my grandma’s favorite: pork chops!

I’ve been making pork chops in a cast iron pan for a while, but inspiration struck the other night when I was finishing up this cider recipe: what if you deglazed the pan with a bit of apple cider to make a sauce for your chops? It was such a delicious result that I ended up making it not only into a glaze for the pork chops but a light dressing for the salad of radicchio and endive that I paired with my pork chops and potatoes.

The blend of the sweet and savory flavors had my husband and I licking our plates, all thanks to the delicious Stemilt Honeycrisp apples!

Best Recipes to Make with Apples

Apples with fresh bay leaves and rosemary, next to a Stemilt box.

We all know at some point there will be leftovers, and with Apple Cider a little can go a long way. Yet, if you are in need of some inspiration try out these delicious recipes that make Apple Cider the star of the plate:

Create your own Apple Cider Vinegar! Making homemade ACV involves a simple fermentation process and you can use it as you would store bought ACV. It might take a bit to perfect the recipe to your taste, but this is something you can do throughout the year and try with multiple varieties of apples.

Enjoy a delicious glass of Apple Cider Vinegar Juice  that will excite the whole family! Juice makes it easier for veggies to sneak into the mix, since it isn’t as thick as a smoothie, so use this opportunity to great some tasty and healthy combinations.

Upgrade your salad with a Five Ingredient Apple Cider Vinaigrette recipe. Quick and convenient to make that simple salad blend taste extraordinary. And don’t forget to add some fresh sliced apples on top to help balance the acidity.

Looking to step up the dressing game? This Creamy Apple Vinaigrette will give you the option you are looking for. It has the taste and texture of a rich dressing, but without all the calories.

For those with a sweet tooth, try adding this delicious cookie to the dessert table. Everyone will be asking about the Caramel Apple Cider Cookies and the secret to their success. Don’t be afraid to share the true star of the ingredient list: Apple Cider!

Ingredients to make apple cider- apples, bay leaf, Rosemary, vinegar.

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