There’s an Apple for That


As apple growers and big fans of the fruit, we love celebrating National Apple Month every October. The first full month of fall is a busy time in our orchards with apple harvest happening daily, and also the time that many of our favorite apple varieties start making their way to grocery stores. As an apple shopper, there’s no better time than National Apple Month to taste the array of apple varieties available in hopes of finding a new favorite!

One of the things I love most about the many types of apples available today is the diverse flavor and texture that each one has to offer. You can devour Fuji apples when you’re in the mood for something sweet or follow the other end of the spectrum with zesty Granny Smith or Pink Lady apples. There’s an apple for every taste!

There’s also an apple for every eating occasion. There are apples that are better for snacking (Honeycrisp, SweeTango®) and apples that are better to use when you are baking, cooking, dipping in caramel, and so much more.

In celebration of National Apple Month, it’s exciting to share our new apple resource – There’s an Apple for That. This site is a place that you can go to find out which apple is best for any particular use! If you are looking to make an apple pie, simply type “pie” in the search field and find out the best apples (readily available at grocery stores) for making a pie. Or, perhaps you are looking to create a charcuterie board with apples and cheese? There’s an Apple For That will tell you which apples work best and why. This resourceful site also shares information about common types of apples, health attributes of apples, and of course, a great collection of apple recipes to inspire new creations in your kitchen.

The best part of There’s An Apple for That? It’s THE spot to find usage recommendations for apples, straight from the source where these beloved fruits are grown. I hope that you find our new tool resourceful and that it helps you and your family enjoy more apples every day, and especially as you partake in the celebration of National Apple Month.