Perfectly Paired Side Dishes for Thanksgiving Dinner


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I know it’s a little strange, but I love the simplicity of it. My family usually starts the day off with some sort of activity, like a run, hike, or workout. After that, we head back and start the prep work for dinner, usually with the football game on in the background. Dinner is in the early afternoon, so then we get ready and head to a relative’s house for dinner where we eat, drink and gather around the table to catch up and be grateful for the day together.

Another thing I love about the holiday is the food (duh)! I’m a big fan of eating and with Thanksgiving, all of the best comfort food dishes make their debut. Turkey (or prime rib like my in-laws like to make), stuffing, green bean casserole – the classics. However, since I have started working at Stemilt, I like to incorporate our delicious fruits into some side dishes for the holiday. With harvest just concluding, there are so many varieties to choose from, so it’s fun to create a different recipe that highlights our apples and pear’s unique flavors.

With the holiday fast approaching, I wanted to share some delicious Thanksgiving pairings that usually make it onto my menu and I hope they make it into yours too!

If you are having turkey, try:

  • Haricot Verts & Roasted Bosc Pears: With their sweet and fall-spiced flavor, elegant Bosc pears add natural sweetness to this holiday dis. Paired with haricot verts and onion, this dish is a light and fresh departure from your standard green casserole dish and will be a hit among your guests.
  • Apple, Sage & Sausage Stuffing: Stuffing is staple at any Thanksgiving event and this stuffing recipe adds all the right flavors to make it a crowd favorite. It adds all the right flavors to make for a very savory side dish.
  • Apple Cranberry Sauce: This cranberry sauce is the perfect sweet treat to compliment your next Thanksgiving menu. The sour of the cranberries are balanced by the sweetness of Stemilt’s apples and pears and the slight crunch make this homemade cranberry sauce a real treat.

If you are having ham, try:

If you are having Tofuturkey:

  • Honeycrisp Brussel Sprouts & Kale Salad: Meet the perfect holiday salad: a crisp, crunchy, vibrant fresh mix of apples, shaved brussel sprouts and thinly sliced kale dotted with sweet, candied pecans and dried cranberries, all tossed with a light, lemon-honey-cider vinaigrette. Yum.
  • Gala Apple Stuffing: With caramelized onions, World Famous Gala apples, and sourdough bread pieces, this stuffing recipe is sure to make those taste buds dance.
  • Haricot Verts & Roasted Bosc Pears: We have this on here twice so you know it’s good!