Top 10 Bougie Desserts to Impress


Bougie is the hip, slang word for someone or something that is luxurious, high-class, and in our case, a dessert that is humbly ready to impress everyone at the party. You’re not going to want to forget about these Top 10 Bougie Desserts to Impress the next time your goal is to blow everyone away with the fanciness and sophisticated-ness of your sweet treats.

I once went to a “Bougie” croquet party where all attendees wore their largest-rimmed sun hats and boho skirts and leather shoes. Pinkies were out as we sipped Champaign and took turns breaking bits off a big loaf of bread until the winner of the croquet game was determined. I wasn’t sure why we were eating rye bread by the loaf, but I guess that’s just what being bougie is all about.

Instead of sharing a communal loaf of rye bread at your next party, gathering, or any other social event, try bringing a dessert that will impress with these Top 10 Bougie dessert recipes:

Cherry Swirl Cheesecake with Cherry Sauce, perfect bougie dessert recipes

Cherry Swirl Cheesecake with Cherry Sauce:

This luscious cherry cheesecake is no ordinary cheesecake, with an extra swirl of pizzazz and a cherry sauce worth dying for, it’s the perfect showstopper.

You can use half the cherry sauce to swirl in the cheesecake, and the other half can be pooled onto the plate before serving.  This way, you get plenty of sweet cherry flavor in every bite!


Chocolate Mousse Poached Pear Tart 2
Chocolate Mousse Poached Tart:

The rich taste of chocolate Mousse pairs perfectly with subtle spices of the Bosc Pear making it a luxurious treat.

This recipe has several components but the results are totally worth it! It’s gorgeous and romantic. The tart, poached pears and mousse can all be prepared a day in advance. And when someone asks for the recipe you can make them feel like they are getting something special!




3088 Skylar Rae Peach Blackberry Custard Tart

Cherry Nectarine Custard Tart:

Though this beautiful tart is composed of three steps (crust, filling, fruit topping), don’t let that deter you from making it a part of your dessert repertoire!

The steps come together quite easily and the result is far more impressive than the work involved. Put your own artistic touch in arranging your fruit topping… or do as we’ve done here, creating a flower-like presentation with nectarine “petals” and a blackberry-ringed center of Skylar Rae cherries. Delish!


106 Peaches and Cream Torte 1
Peaches and Cream Torte:


A great summertime recipe featuring fresh, organic peaches, making for a great source of Vitamin C, potassium, and deliciousness. Your guests will feel as if they are eating summer off a plate!






Cherry Clafouti:

Clafouti is a sweet and dense French custard and we packed this one full of sweet, Stemilt dark cherries.

Springy and sweet like a pancake, but thick and dense like a flan, it blends everything about brunch into one bite.  But really, why reserve this for brunch alone?  It is so simple to make that you can whip it up just before you sit down to dinner, and have it warm and ready by the time the plates are clean, and dessert is on everyone’s mind.



Cherry shortcakes

Tiered Cherry Shortcake:

Skylar Rae® cherries add incredible sweetness to this orange-zested shortcake recipe. A great twist on a classic summer dessert recipe. Your guests will feel inspired by these delicious sweet treats, and snapping all those Instagram-worthy photos to share!




975 Caramel Apple Cheesecake Stemilt 4

Caramel Apple Cheesecake:

Granny Smith and Piñata apples add sweet and tart flavors to a classic cheesecake with gingersnap crust. Who knew cheesecake could get so fancy?! With the beautifully placed apple slices you might be tempted not to cut into this delicious dessert.





8381 Stemilt Peach Galette 2
Fresh Peach Galette:


Fresh yellow peaches are the star of this incredible galette. You’ve made one with apples, cherries, and pears, but this is the showstopper of summer. Topped with some homemade ice cream or even whipped cream, the dinner party won’t leave any of this sweet treat on the plate!




apple rosettes

Apple Roses:

These lovely apple roses pull together all that is deliciously appealing about sweet baked apples and flakey crusts. What’s not to love! They have all the enticing, classic flavors of a great apple pie … only in these exquisite little packages (“blooms”) that look far more sophisticated to assemble than they really are.



955 955 Stemilt Buttermilk Cake Vertical
Buttermilk Cake with Brie Whipped Topping and Spiced Apples:

Honeycrisp apples are the star of this apple spice compote which tops a delicious homemade buttermilk cake. This will be the dessert to have as summer starts to wind down and fall sneaks in. The perfect blend of fruit and cake. Not to mention you can’t go wrong with the plating and presentation!





Let us know in the comments below which one of these bougie dessert recipes you tried with Stemilt fruits and how you wowed the crowd with the utmost fanciness and deliciousness of your baking creation.