The Diamond of Pears

Concorde pears are a newer pear variety that originated in England as a cross between the Conference and Comice pear varieties. They have the same long, slender neck as Conference, with the sweet and juicy flavor of Comice.

The heritage and flavor of Concorde makes it one of the best multipurpose and dessert-quality pears available today. You’ll love the flavor of this specialty pear!


Exterior: A green pear with an elongated neck

Interior: Interior: Crisp and dense flesh that becomes more tender and juicy as pear ripens white to off-white

Experience: Concorde pears are tender and juicy, with a sweet vanilla-like flavor

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Concorde pears are available under the Stemilt Rushing Rivers label, while organic Concorde pears can be found under our Artisan OrganicsTM label.

When can I find Concorde ?

Stemilt’s Concorde pears are harvested in September in Washington State, and are available through February.

Fun Facts

  • The dense flesh of Concorde means this pear holds it shape and flavor when cooked or baked.
  • Concorde pears are slow to oxidize (turn brown) when cut, making them a great choice for salads.
  • The green skin of Concorde changes slightly when ripe. The best indicator of ripeness for this variety is to press the neck of the pear gently. Once it gives slightly, it is ready to eat.
  • Learn more about how to ripen pears on our blog.