The Classic Pear with a Twist

Red Bartlett pears were first discovered in 1938 as a bud sport growing on a regular Bartlett pear tree near Zillah, Washington. A bud sport is a naturally occurring transformation that occasionally develops on fruit trees. They typically go unnoticed, and even when discovered, the resulting fruit is not always commercially viable. That was not the case for Red Bartlett!

With the exception of their color, Red Bartlett pears are identical to their yellow counterpart. They are a real treat in the late summer and early fall months.


Exterior: Red stripes over a green background to full brilliant red

Interior: Smooth and pale, off-white flesh

Experience: Like its yellow-colored counterpart, Red Bartlett has a pleasant floral aroma, classic pear flavor and buttery texture

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Red Bartlett pears are available under the Stemilt Rushing Rivers label, while organic Red Bartlett pears can be found under our Artisan OrganicsTM label.

When can I find Red Bartlett ?

Find Red Bartlett pears from Stemilt in stores from mid-August through December. Red Bartlett pears are harvested in Washington State in August.

Fun Facts

  • The skin color of Red Bartlett brightens as it ripens. It turns from dark red to bright red when ripe.
  • Red Bartlett is also known as Max Red
  • Like their yellow counterparts, Red Bartlett pears are great for canning.
  • Learn how to ripen pears in our blog post.