Today is National Cheese Day! I’m a big cheese lover, and one of my favorite ways to enjoy the variety of cheeses available is to pair them up with fresh fruits. Whether it’s choosing from one of the many types of apples available, or a sweet, ripe pear, or a more seasonal fruit like cherries or peaches come summer, pairing cheese with fruit is a great way to explore new flavors of food. Cheese and fruit pairings also make for an easy snack, appetizer recipe, or even light dinner. To celebrate this cheesy food holiday (pun intended), I’ve rounded up 5 delicious cheese and fruit pairings that are perfect for enjoying this summer season.

Read through my suggestions, and please share your own in the comments below.

5 Cheese and Fruit Pairings for Summer

Chevre Cheese and Rainier Cherries:

Chevre, or goat cheese, is my personal favorite. I love it on salads, veggie tacos, and secretly enjoy it plain every now and then. Rainier cherries, also called golden cherries, are ridiciously sweet and a great match for creamy, somewhat sharp goat cheese. Enjoy this pairing with a glass of sparkling white wine for a delicious summertime appetizer. You can read more about Rainier cherries here and here.

Brie Cheese and Sweet Stemilt Cherries: 

The silky texture and mild flavor of Brie cheese pairs well with the sweet-tart flavor burst and crisp bite of our dark-sweet cherry varieties. Bing cherries are next to harvest, and coming to supermarkets soon from our Washington State orchards, and pairing them alongside Brie and a gourmet cracker makes for a delightful summertime snack.

Sharp Aged Cheddar Cheese and Pink Lady® Apples: 

This pairing is not short on flavor! The sharp taste of an aged cheddar cheese meets its match with sweet, tart, and somewhat effervescent Pink Lady® apples. Simply put a slice of sharp cheddar on top of a slice of crisp Pink Lady® apples, and you’ll be in for a delicious treat.

Blue Cheese and Yellow Peaches:

Blue cheese (or bleu cheese) is sharp and pungent, which makes it a great cheese to pair with sweet, juicy and slightly tangy peaches. Stemilt grows its entire crop of peaches organically, so keep an eye out for Artisan Organics peaches in July, August, and early September in order to enjoy this delicious pairing.

D’Anjou Pears and Gouda Cheese: 

Gouda is a mild-flavored cheese with a great semi-hard texture, and often comes in smoked varieties. Choose a smoked gouda cheese to pair with green d’Anjou pears, which are crisp with sweet and citrus flavor notes. This combination is a great addition to any cheese board or fruit and cheese platter at your next summer get-together because it will please all palates.