Types of Pears

Pear Varieties for Rushing Rivers Pears

Stemilt pears are grown in the Wenatchee River Valley and Entiat River Valley, the two best spots for growing pear varieties in the world. Alpine mountains and pristine rivers surround pear orchards and provide the cool temperatures and high-quality air drainage that your favorite pear varieties need to thrive. ...Read More

We grow classic pear varieties like Bartlett pears, Anjou pears, Bosc pears, and niche varieties like Comice pears, red pears, and Concorde pears.

It’s hard to beat the sweet, juicy flavor of delicious pears. Here, you can learn the history of your favorite pear varieties and the characteristics that make each pear unique. We’ll tell you when you can find specialty pear varieties, like Tosca, Forelle, and Seckel, in season. You can also find our tips for selecting pears at your store, learn how to ripen pears at home, and get ideas for using pears in snacks, salads, entrees, desserts, and more.  

Finally, we'll provide answers to your frequently asked questions about pears. Find out all that goes into making Stemilt pears world famous here.

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