The holiday season is almost here and the great variety of fresh Stemilt apples (and pears) available are here to help you create the perfect menu for any gathering you are hosting. Pairing fruits like apples and pears with cheese and wine – either on a platter with crackers or in a delicious appetizer recipe – are perfect ways to build a beautiful party presentation with a trio of flavors that appeal to any palate. Here are five great apple and cheese pairing partners.

5 Apple, Cheese, and Wine Pairings to Try:

cheese pairing


Gorgonzola Cheese, Fuji Apples, and Pinot Noir: Super-sweet Fuji apples go great with sharp and slightly salty Gorgonzola cheese. Pair with a medium-bodied Pinot Noir wine for a fruit and vibrantly acidic finish.



apple and cheese


Edam Cheese, Pinata Apples, and Syrah: The classic sweet-tart apple flavors and tropical twist of Pinata apples match well with the mild and nutty Edam cheese and full-bodied yet fruity Syrah wine.




Chevre (Goat) Cheese, Gala Apples, and Pinot Grigio: Mellow and vanilla-like Gala apples taste even sweeter when paired with creamy-sharp goat cheese and a sweet yet light wine like Pinot Grigio.




Blue (Bleu) Cheese, Granny Smith Apples, and Merlot: Famously green and tart Granny Smith apples combine with sharp Blue cheese and a medium-bodied, fruity red wine like Merlot in this unique pairing.




Gruyere Cheese, Honeycrisp Apples, and Chardonnay: Juicy, sweet, and refreshing Honeycrisp apples pair well with the sweet and creamy Gruyere cheese and buttery yet sweet Chardonnay wine.



Happy Pairing!