Our Favorite Holiday Recipes


Can you believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner? I can’t. This year has flown by and now we are already looking into planning our holiday menus. What is up with that?! The Stem Blog has SO many great recipes that it can be sort of daunting to sort through all of them to find one to add to your holiday menu. In light of that, I decided to roundup our favorite holiday recipes for you! Behold, the greatest (so far) holiday recipes we have to date. Let’s dive in!

Easy Apple Dessert Pizza – This easy Apple Dessert Pizza was created by Meg van der Kruik of This Mess is Ours and boy, does she know what she is doing. This pizza is easy to whip up, pretty to stare at and a delicious dessert option to have available at any holiday gathering. Meg also provides a gluten-free option if you have guests that are gluten-intolerant. She features the do-it-all Piñata® apple and the tart Granny Smith to make this pizza a great addition to any menu.

Snickerdoodle Apple Cobbler – Yes, you read that right. SNICKERDOODLE APPLE COBBLER. And yes, it does taste as amazing as it sounds… This cobbler is the definition of warm and comforting. It features Granny Smith apples, but would also be good with Piñata® apples because both varieties hold up really well against heated applications. Pair the apple pie filling with Snickerdoodle Cookies and you will find yourself taking a bite of heaven, every single time.

Apple Cranberry Sauce – This Apple Cranberry Sauce is a great way to spice up that normal cranberry sauce you usually serve. The sour tart flavor from the cranberries are complemented well by the sweet Fuji apple and Red d’Anjou pear that are included. The recipe itself only takes 15 minutes to make and a few simple directions to follow and before you know it, you will have a wonderful new recipe to include on your menu.

Apple Chai Monkey Bread – If you are looking for a treat to wake up too on Christmas morning, well, this is it. With an ooey-gooey cinnamon topping, tart Granny Smith apples and delicious ripples of cinnamon-sugar throughout, this Apple Chai Monkey will be hard to keep around for long. Not only does this blog post feature a delicious recipe, it also has a few useful tips to follow while making it too!

Vegan Apple Cinnamon Loaf – If you or someone you know you will be celebrating with during the holidays is vegan, then this Apple Cinnamon Loaf is a great dessert option. This cake is tender, moist and delicate, yet offers some amazing flavors to make any baked good lover happy. Any baking apple would work well, but our suggestion is Pinata® for this apple loaf.

Healthy Alternatives to Christmas Candy – If you are one to opt for the healthy side of things during the holidays (and not fall off the bandwagon like the rest of us), then this one is for you. This post features some nutritious treats that don’t require a lot of work, but still offers you something sweet. Think baked apples, wine poached pears and more.