Our Top 5 Healthy Family Weeknight Dinners


salmon and apple salad with cucumber dill dressing

Healthy Weeknight Dinners for the Family

Don’t you wish a nutritious dinner for the whole family would magically appear on your dinner table on one of those crazy weeknights? I’m no magician, but I will tell you there is a solution to chaotic dinner nights! I’m talking about delicious and healthy weeknight dinners the whole family will enjoy.

Before you order that pizza, it’s time to introduce our top five healthy weeknight dinners for families! From cozy soups to colorful power bowls, there’s a recipe to please the palates of even the pickiest eaters! Having a 10-year-old brother has opened my eyes to how critical kids can be of what’s on their plate. If it’s not macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, or chicken nuggets, you will often see the disappointment on their face!

Our Top 5 Nutritious Family Dinners

two dishes of harvest Buddha bowls on wood table

We’ve rounded up five dinners that are full of essential vitamins and proteins meant to help your family stay healthy and energized for every day of the week. These dishes feature some of our World Famous Fruits including Pinata® apples, Pink Lady, and Bartlett pears. We hope you enjoy these quick and delicious dinners!

    1. Healthy Crock Pot Soup with Pears and Squash – With only 20 minutes of prep time, this soup marries pears with winter squash creating a lighter soup for the colder seasons! Slice up your fruits and veggies then let this soup cook during the day for a ready-to-eat dinner when you get home. Your crockpot will save the day again with this low-maintenance recipe!
    2. Harvest Buddha Bowls – If you’re looking for a fast, filling, and healthy dish, this harvest Buddha bowl is for you! It can be prepared in under an hour and is packed with fruits, grains, cheese, and nuts. A combination of Granny Smith apples, Bartlett pears, and winter squash, makes for a satisfying and colorful dinner! These Buddha bowls can also be customized with any other of your favorite fruits, veggies, or proteins!
    3. Salmon and Apple Salad with a Creamy Cucumber Dill Dressing – You can’t beat a refreshing barbecue salmon and apple salad after a long day’s work. With a light cucumber dressing and crisp Pinata® apples, your family will receive a beneficial intake of healthy fats and fiber! (I love my salmon with an extra lemon drizzle for a sour bite that contrasts nicely with the barbecue sauce.)
    4. Apple Spinach Salad with Roasted Sweet Potatoes – Packed with sweet and salty flavors, this apple spinach salad makes it easy to sneak spinach onto your family’s plate! Drizzle with the maple Dijon Vinaigrette for a tangy and sweet dressing. This salad can be prepared in 45 minutes and is an excellent source of fiber and antioxidants.
    5. Instant Pot Apple and Pork Stew – Grab your comfy pants and get ready to settle in with this delicious apple and pork stew. If you’ve ever experienced the savory pairing of pork and apples before, you already know this stew is comfort in a bowl. To balance the natural saltiness of the pork, Pinata® apples withstand the heat and add tart notes and tropical flavors to this stew.

Now that you have these recipes under your belt, we hope you conquer family dinner nights with ease. Give these recipes a try and be sure to let us know how they turned out in the comments and reviews below! Happy cooking!

bowl of crock pot squash and pear soup with pears in the background