One of my favorite parts of my job is taking people on tours of our farms. Whether its cherries on Stemilt Hill, apples in the Columbia Basin, or pears in the nearby Wenatchee and Entiat River Valleys, touring the scenic areas where our orchards call home, experiencing the action of harvest, and sharing with people why these locales are perfectly suited for growing Stemilt fruits is simply the best!

This blog opened up the door for me to share the beauty of our farms with you, and this week’s post does that in a whole new way. In August, we introduced a new label for our pears and with it, a new carton that these delicious fruits would be packed in (hopefully you’ve seen at your grocery store recently). We know that people want to know where their fruit comes from and who grows it, and as a member of a six generation farming family, I can’t think of a story I’d rather tell people than that one. Our Rushing Rivers label for pears focuses on the great locales our pears come from – the Wenatchee and Entiat River Valleys – and why they are, without question, the best places in the world for growing pears.

These neighboring valleys are surrounded by alpine peaks from the Cascade Mountain range, which keep air flowing through our orchards and help pears stay cool during the warm summer months. The same mountains recharge the Wenatchee and Entiat Rivers each spring with fresh snowpack, and ensure orchards and trees living in them have water for the growing season to follow. The soil that sits beneath each trees is rich with nutrients to provide pears with the fuel that they need to grow in size and develop dessert flavors. Add in growers like Rudy Prey and Mike Taylor and their family’s rich farming heritage and you have the perfect recipe for growing the best pears to deliver to your stores for you and your family to enjoy.

I could go on an on about our Rushing Rivers pears, but like any good tour guide, I’d much rather let you experience it for yourself. Watch the video below to journey through our pear locales and what makes them so special.