The Best Pears are Rushing Rivers

If you were a pear, where would you want to grow?

Decades ago, Stemilt pear growers found the answer, and with it the perfect locales to grow the best tasting pears. Step into beautiful Central Washington and take pause on two famous river valleys.

Our pear trees have called the Wenatchee River Valley and its parallel Entiat River Valley home for over a century. Orchards blanket these picturesque locales, where mountain slopes meet pristine rivers and fertile soils. The Wenatchee River Valley runs through quaint towns from the base of the Cascade Mountains and on into the desert climate of Wenatchee, WA, while the smaller yet equally stunning Entiat River Valley runs just north.

It’s at these two locales where pear trees sit against the river’s edge and take in fresh air flowing from the Cascade Mountain peaks nearby. Sunshine fills the sky throughout the growing season and the proximity to mountains keeps temperatures cooler before harvest in order to give delicate pears all they need to thrive. It’s the perfect environment to grow juicy and sweet pears.

To learn more about Rushing Rivers pears, click on the video to the right.