You Can Call Us Apple Pears

Asian pears comprise a large group of pear varieties that have a crisp texture and juicy, melon-like flavor. Unlike European pear varieties (such as Bartlett or Comice), Asian pears are ripe and ready to eat right after harvest. Asian pears also maintain their crisp texture and unique flavors for several months with proper refrigeration.

There are three main types of Asian pears: round or flat with green to yellow skin; round or flat with russet/bronze-colored skin; and pear-shaped with green or russet skin. The most common varieties of Asian pears are: Hosui, 20th Century, Shinko and Kosui.

The majority of Stemilt’s Asian pears are farmed organically.


Exterior: Full russet varieties have a beautiful cinnamon color. Smooth varieties are more yellow-cream in color

Interior: Bright white to pale yellow

Experience: Juicy, round and crisp like an apple, with slight grainy texture and subtle melon-like flavors, with mild acidity near the core

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Asian pears are available under the Stemilt Rushing Rivers label, while organic Asian pears can be found under our Artisan OrganicsTM label.

How to use Asian Pears

When can I find Asian Pears ?

You can find Asian pears from September until January from Stemilt.

Fun Facts

  • Asian pears are often called “apple pears” due to their appearance and texture. Asian pears are not a hybrid of the two fruits.
  • Asian pears have a high water content, which means they are best for fresh eating and not recommended for baking.
  • Asian pears tend to be large in size and bruise easily. They can last for weeks if stored in a cold and dry place.