The Five Best Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes


Sure, Thanksgiving is traditionally known for the turkey and mashed potatoes, but what no one really wants to admit is that we all stick around for what’s after dinner – dessert! Thanksgiving is never complete without a good lineup of desserts. Every family varies, but there’s always a good chance people don’t stray too far from the classics, like Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie or Pecan Pie.

Well, this year I am here to add a few five more wonderful desserts to your menu, which all feature our wonderfully delicious World Famous Fruits. We grow many apple and pear varieties including some that are ideal for baking. Apples like Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Pink Lady®, and Fuji all taste wonderful in baked goods. We also have several great pear varieties that work well with heat including d’Anjou, Bartlett and Bosc.

Whether you are a pie fan or you are craving cobber, we have rounded up something for everyone and what we consider our five best Thanksgiving dessert recipes. Check it out below!

Apple Pie, one of our best thanksgiving dessert recipes



Classic Apple Pie – We can’t move on until we address the turkey day elephant in the room: apple pie. If you don’t have apple pie as part of your lineup, are you doing Thanksgiving right? Making an apple pie is definitely a labor of love, but one that is well worth it. This recipe features Pinata® apples, which also work great for baking, but I’ve heard many say they use several different varieties in this recipe and it tastes wonderful!





vegan pear tart, one of our best thanksgiving dessert recipes




Vegan Pear Tart – If you or someone in your family is vegan, this Vegan Pear Tart is a must make. Featuring our delicious d’Anjou pears, this Pear Tart will add a sweet and tender addition to your dessert lineup.




Apple dessert pizza, one of our best thanksgiving dessert recipes



Easy Apple Dessert Pizza – If you don’t fancy yourself a cook or baker, but still want to bring something that will have people saying, “WOW!” this Easy Apple Dessert Pizza is the recipe for you. It doesn’t require much work, looks beautiful and tastes scrumptious. That’s a win to me!




Warm amaretto pears



Warm Amaretto Pears – If you enjoy a dessert that looks elegant and decadent but doesn’t require a bunch of work, then you should seriously try this Amaretto Pears recipe. It comes together so easily and when you pair with vanilla bean ice cream and topped with sea salt caramel, you have yourself a real treat.




Apple crisp cheesecake, one of our best thanksgiving dessert recipes



Apple Crisp Cheesecake – This is one of our most popular recipes on The Stem and for good reason – it’s AMAZING! Making cheesecake isn’t the easiest of tasks, however, it is well worth it once you have a bite of it.





Snickerdoodle Apple cobbler, one of our best thanksgiving dessert recipes



Snickerdoodle Apple Cobbler – If you like Snickerdoodle Cookies, you are going to LOVE this cobbler. Using our Granny Smith apples, this cobbler takes the taste of cookies and wraps it into a doughy, delectable cobber that is gooey in the middle, with a slightly crunchy exterior and filled with a warm apple filling. Yeah, I know, my mouth is salivating too.




Dutch apple pie



Dutch Apple Pie – If the thought of a classic Apple Pie doesn’t get you excited, give this Dutch Apple Pie a try instead. It’s not the easiest of recipes as it is a little time-intensive, but if you want to knock the socks off your family and friends this Dutch Apple Pie will help get you there. It’s a spoonful of love.