World Famous Cherries: A Journey towards Memory & Trust

Fourth generation Stemilt cherry grower Kyle Mathison doesn’t just grow cherries, he works to grow the best tasting cherries that are worthy of being called “world famous.” A world famous cherry is one that explodes with flavor – sweetness, acids, and aromatics – in every bite, and leaves a person craving more.

Kyle has grown cherries on Stemilt Hill in Wenatchee, WA for four decades. He is innovative, and willing to try just about anything if it means growing a better tasting cherry. This flavor-driven journey towards building memory and trust with you is what Stemilt cherries are all about.

What is memory and trust? Kyle calls it the “caveman instinct.” It’s about growing a cherry that tastes so good that it creates a lasting memory when you eat it. A cherry that you just have to go back to the same bush to eat it again. And a cherry that when you do go back to that bush, that you’ll have the same great experience every time.

Kyle knows that building this memory and trust, and being world famous, is a journey, and not a destination. He will never arrive at world famous, as it’s something you must keep working at – year after year, day after day, and cherry after cherry.

Kyle World Famous Cherries