Fruit Recipes Galore

From breakfasts, smoothies, and salads to main dishes and delicious desserts, we have a fresh fruit recipe waiting for you. Find apple recipes, cherry recipes and summer fruit recipes here your whole family will enjoy.

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Healthy Apple Waldorf Salad

This healthy take on the classic Waldorf Salad is delicious! Sweet bites of apples, crunchy celery and buttery walnuts in a creamy, light dressing make a perfect...

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Apple Bruschetta

Perfect for entertaining, this easy apple bruschetta is irresistible! Caramelized onions compliment buttery Gruyère with crisp, sweet and tart Rave apples.

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Easy Apple Fritters

These easy apple fritters are so full of sweet bits of apple and a hint of cinnamon. They are crisp on the outside, tender and light...

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Apple Kuchen

This apple kuchen is so much easier than you’d think and really delicious. Wonderful as is, or served with vanilla ice cream.

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