Quick Pickled Apples

In this world there are two types of people, pickle lovers and pickle haters. Until a few years ago, I fell into the hater category....

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Jewish Apple Cake

This hearty cake is so delicious. It’s based off of an old family recipe that has been a favorite for years. Bites of sweet apples...

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Traditional Irish Apple Pie

Right around this time every year, I love to celebrate my heritage with an authentic Irish dish. I think it’s such a great way to...

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Apple and Halloumi Flatbreads

Hi readers! We’re excited to introduce a new Kitchen Council member, Meg van der Kruik of This Mess is Ours. Every day, Meg shares tales...

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Instant Pot BBQ Chicken and Apples

Have you boarded the Instant Pot train? It’s incredible how much attention this kitchen accessory is getting, and I read that it was one of...

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